Duct vs Ductless Kitchen Chimneys: Which is the Best Choice?

Kitchen chimneys are a common fixture in many modern homes. In fact, chimneys have become so popular that the two most popular types of kitchen chimney designs are ducted and ductless.

These days, 3-way suction chimneys are also getting popular, So which is the best kitchen chimney in India? Should you go with duct vs ductless kitchen chimneys? Let’s find out in this guide.

Ducted kitchen chimneys are similar to traditional heating systems in that they take advantage of natural airflow and features such as wall or ceiling vents to distribute the heated air throughout the home. Ducted chimneys work by pulling cold air from supply registers located near the floor and exhausting it through a register mounted near the ceiling.

Duct vs Ductless Kitchen Chimneys: A Complete Guide

Most modern kitchen chimneys are installed by a professional installer. This can be done by following established guidelines from the manufacturer, reading and understanding the installation manual, and making sure to use the proper accessories.

Duct vs Ductless Kitchen Chimneys

The advantages of ducted chimneys include temperature uniformity throughout the home, easier installation in smaller spaces, more efficient operation for more exhausting distances, and top-to-bottom airflow. Ductless units are also more energy efficient than traditional models. However, some people have concerns about clogged vents and blocked ducts.  They may also find that even though a ductless unit is more energy efficient than its traditional counterpart, it may not work as efficiently in their home.

Which is the Better Choice?

In general, ductless chimneys are a better choice for homeowners who like the look of them. Since you will not be dealing with a chimney flue or stack, you can choose to put your stove hood over the oven and surround it with glass window panels for a clean appearance. In general what is important is that your system works well, although there are many variables that might affect its performance. Your system must be installed by an authorized professional and follow the manufacturer’s instructions. You should also inspect the installation closely from time to time.

When you choose a ductless model, you should also consider what kind of gas you want to use. Traditional models use natural gas for their operation, but more and more “instant” cooking units are making their debut on the market. These models use water as their fuel and can actually be used with any type of propane tank. While they save time by not needing the separate fuel setup, they come with a shorter lifespan and tend to cost more to replace than traditional cooking units.

Whatever type of kitchen chimney you choose, it is always important to check with your installer prior to getting your new unit installed. You can ask him or her any questions that you have concerning the installation and maintenance of your new system.

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