Types of Kitchen Chimneys in India

Indian dishes are obviously popular for their spicy taste. Here, all the credits for such delicious taste go to the cook who cooks that dish in such a humid environment.

In top-tier cities like Delhi, Mumbai & Kolkata, the temperature rises really very hot in summers. Installing a kitchen chimney at home is a must these days in these cities.

In this guide, I am going to tell you about the different types of kitchen chimneys in India. So you can decide which one to install at your home, depending upon your budget.

Types of Kitchen Chimneys in India

types of kitchen chimneys in india

There are over 3 commonly available different types of kitchen chimneys in India present at this point in time. Here is the list with details of all those types of modular chimneys.

1. Built-in Chimney

Built-in kitchen chimneys are the most commonly available chimneys in most kitchens. These types of chimneys get fit in a cabinet just above your stove area. They have a very compact design that does not take up any extra space in the kitchen.

2. Wall Mount Chimney

As the name says itself, these kitchen chimneys are mounted over the wall in such a way that your gas stove remains below it. These types of chimneys are also very easily available in the market. You can also get a lot of wall mount chimneys that come with the latest technology like auto-clean chimneys.

3. Island Chimney

Island Chimneys are not much seen in regular Indian kitchens. The reason is that most of our Indian kitchens have a cooking area sideways around the wall. But if you have your cooking table in the center, then you can’t install a wall mount or built-in chimney, you have to go for an Island chimney that hangs on the ceiling to cover up the stove area of the cooking table. If you have such a kitchen design, you need an island chimney for your kitchen.

If you want to get things more clear, watch the video below with a complete explanation of the types of chimneys in India.

If you have any queries, regarding the types of chimneys in India, let me know in the comments. Please support me by just sharing this article with your friends, I will keep bringing more of these chimney guides.

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